Aydin Aliyev is the first Microsoft MVP in Azerbaijan from 2012. Number of MVP Awards 5. Founder of "XL Ribbon" project.

Since 2010, he has been working on automating various models of document flow processes (such as procurement, stationery, application forms, etc.) for the financial and banking sectors.

He is an author of the "Microsoft Excel Tools" that name is - "MyExcelWorld" that announced in December 2014 and it keeps developing until today. "MyExcelWorld" - Time Saving & Multi-Language Excel Add-in. This tool is the collection of automated operations of The Most Wanted Features and over 40 User Defined Functions (Custom Functions, also Web functions) that are not available in a standard pack of Microsoft Excel. The interface is dynamic and can be switched to 15 languages whenever you want without restarting Excel. All rights reserved from 2016.

One of our successful projects was done with www.muhasib.az starting from 2017. This Excel project is about "Simulator for Accountants".

Starting from 2016 "XL Ribbon" project highly supported by these innovation centers such as "HighTechPark of Azerbaijan" and "Barama Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center".

"XL Ribbon" project Optimizing Your Business with:

- Microsoft Excel Add-ins;

- Business Process Automation;

- WEB Scraping & Automation;

- Staff Workload Monitoring & Consulting.

Our Business Optimization Tools = Financial and Banking experience + Math skills + Excel VBA + Python + SQL + Power Query & Automation.

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