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"MyExcelWorld" - Time-Saving & Multi-Language Excel Add-in.

This tool will let you use Excel as like as a professional one.

This Powerful Microsoft Excel Add-in for 2007-2019 and office 365 will save you time working with Cells, Formulas, Texts, Sheets and Workbooks.

Once it is installed it'll appear on your Excel menu tab. And then you'll be able to use this powerful tool. This tool is a collection of automated operations of the Most Wanted and Favorite features and User Defined Functions (custom functions) that are not available in a standard pack of Microsoft Excel.

It supports Big Ranges and 15 languages. It contains over 40 of the most wanted UDF's and Web-functions such as GoogleTranslate(), X_Rates(), and, as well as many upcoming new features.

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These percentage discounts are applied automatically to your order.

The following discounts are available for multiple Items:

  • For 2 items -> 10% discount
  • For 3 items -> 15% discount
  • For 4 items -> 20% discount
  • For 5 items -> 25% discount
  • For 6 - 20 items -> 35% discount
  • For 21 - 50 items -> 40% discount
  • For 51 or more items -> 50% discount

The Most of Powerful Features of "MyExcelWorld" - Microsoft Excel Add-in general working scope as following:

- Works instantly in Big Range(s) (for ex: over a million cells);

- Protected sheets;

- Filtered Ranges/Visible cells only;

- Merged cells;

- Non-continuous Ranges/Multi-Ranges;

- Undo instantly and etc.

Supported Languages are: English, Azerbaijani, Turkish, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, French, German (Deutsche), Italian, Polish, Dutch, Hindi and Japanese languages.

Switch instantly any of them whenever you want without restarting Excel.

NOTE: System requirements - Windows, Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.

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